Power of the powerless and vioce of the Voiceless
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Introducing Aashray Abhiyan

Jan Kalyan Gramin Vikas Samiti and its Objectives.

Aashray Abhiyan, is an initiative of Jan Kalyan Gramin Vikas Samiti. Its objective and purpose is to be on the side of those who have been most marginalized the least of our society and those who are helpless. Those poor who bear the brunt of a hard day’s labor and construct houses for others at the end of the day have no roof of their own. These are the most vulnerable sections of our society who reside in the most inhuman conditions, beside drains, on pavements, near dumping places, under bridges, by tying plastic sheets of grass roofs, who have the sky for their roof and Mother Earth for their bed? These are the people whom our society call as “Homeless”.

In today’s technological world, the homeless of Patna are denied the basic necessities of life, namely – Housing, safe drinking water, toilets, electricity and basic rights for the urban poor of Patna, thus becoming the voice to the voiceless and power to the powerless.

Our Vision

We are the voice for the voiceless and power of the powerless. Aashray Abhiyan team is engaged with these very people, those who reside in the slums in all circumstances of their life, in joys and sorrows they stand with them in solidarity. To ensure that government schemes reach the deserving people is one of the main areas of advocacy.

Our Strategies

Disturbed by the callous attitude of the present government in implementing the JNNURM scheme, Aashray Abhiyan filed a PIL in the Honb'le High Court of Patna. Justice Navin Sinha, Vikas Jain ordered the Chief Secretary to ensure that work speeds up Aashray Abhiyan has used many strategies to draw the attention of the government towards this scheme. Rallies, dharna, 48 hours and 72 hours fasting, meeting with the Minister, Principal Secretaries, inviting them to visit the slums and see the condition under which people live, Conventions, Gatherings to sensitize other stake holders have been undertaken. But an insensitive and callous government makes a statement "We have missed the bus in JNNURM".

Our Works

Education-Child Development

Skill Training


Social security and justice schemes

Employment and Economic Empowerment

Women Empowerment and Domestic Violence

Right to Food

Right to Shelter

Construction Workers


Our Institution

Learning Centres in Urban

T.V Tower, HIG Colony Patna

Janta Flat, Bahadurpur, Patna

Gaighat, Patna

Gayatri Mandir, Kankerbagh, Patna

Our Skill Training Centres

Islamganj- Maner

T.V Tower – Bhoothnath Road, Patna

Gaighat - Patna

Sharishtabad - Patna

Digha - Patna

Chitokhra - Patna

Citizenship Training

With teenage girls at Sahgaadi Masjid

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