Power of the powerless and vioce of the Voiceless
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Calling you viewers to contribute generously. May be to help support a young woman to either add to her savings for a machine. To support with rent for a center. To provide a day's midday meal for 60 children or even less. Or whatever you can every mite counts. The Almighty will bless you and your family abundantly.

International Environment Day

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Our planet Earth is under great threat due to the lopsided development that is taking place across cities in India and the Globe at large. We humans have failed to live sustainably and are destroying nature. The call to preserve a planet which will be safe for generations to come is something of a distant dream. Most of the natural resources are becoming extinct as their habitat is being destroyed. Felling of trees for widening of roads, construction of apartments, malls are common. Our efforts to try and save the trees has not been accepted by even the Green Tribunal, it seems that the entire system is on a breakdown.

We tried to create awareness among the settlements that were robbed of their homes just to widen a road because a so called official wanted a road to go for a walk. Such are the criteria that people have to sacrifice their homes for officials. We distributed planted some saplings among the community so that they could get some shade into the future. It was heartening to see the children dig the earth to plant the saplings and water them. We believe that we need to catch them young and make them sensitive to the Earth.

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