Power of the powerless and vioce of the Voiceless
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Calling you viewers to contribute generously. May be to help support a young woman to either add to her savings for a machine. To support with rent for a center. To provide a day's midday meal for 60 children or even less. Or whatever you can every mite counts. The Almighty will bless you and your family abundantly.

Joining hands to conduct survey of the homeless in Patna

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The need to conduct a survey of the homeless in Patna was a task undertaken by us along with the Patna Municipal Corporation. Two men from the team of Aashray Abhiyan joined for the survey from 9.00 p.m. to midnight and at times till the wee nights of the morning. It lasted for nearly 15 days. It was an experience – to witness to the large number of people who slept on pavements, on carts, under flyovers and bridges without any security.

Though it was a tough exercise, Ranjeet Kumar and Rajesh Paswan was enthused to conduct the survey in a proper and appropriate manner. It is a pathetic sight to notice the number of people out without a roof. While we boast of going digital, it is a shame that the government has failed its people in their inability of providing housing for the people.

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