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Nature has given us priceless benefits but due to our greed and in the name of development we have violated nature. It is due to our disrespect for nature and Mother Earth we are reaping the fruits of our actions. We will have to face this challenge as well. Faced with poverty and development we at Aashray Abhiyan believe that unless we protect Nature we have no future. Some of our efforts in this area have been:
  • Distribution of fruit and medicinal plants on the occasion of World Environment Day
  • Creating awareness by taking out a Rath Yatra and inviting people to care for the Earth
  • Encouraging people to use cloth bags instead of plastic and distributed cloth bags
  • Efforts to educate people to keep the Holy Ganges clean which is a big gift for us in India
  • Opposing the raping of trees when in the name of development trees were cut in huge numbers for the widening of roads

Differently Abled People

The physically challenged or handicapped numbers are increasing in our society today. They do contribute to the growth and development of the State and the country. In reality they do not need our sympathy but what they require is our empathy, love and respect so that they can be enabled to join the main stream.

 Aashray Abhiyan has made efforts to identity schemes for such people, which sad to say are only on papers. "Chief Minister Scheme".This scheme is available up to Rs. 1 lakh for the age group of 10 - 64 years for those who are 40% handicapped and are entitled to tricycles, and other benefits. Such people are also entitled to Rs. 300/- per month as pension. Similarly in the state of Bihar those who come under the age of 18 - 65 years are also entitled for Rs.1.5 lakhs for self employment. Efforts have been made to get them certificates to prove their disability, However, it remains a Herculean task for them to get any benefits. There is a dire need for society to be sensitized to this issue as well.From time to time we do distribute warm clothes and blankets.

Leprosy Patients

The leprosy patients are a section of society who is considered to be untouchables, somehow encountering them we could not but intervene for them. Our contacts with them around Gandhi Maidan, on roadsides during the night invited us to advocate on their behalf and get shelters for them. We have organized check up camps for them and got the department to distribute medicines and foot wear for them. In the bitter cold distribution of blankets and warm clothes is one way of saying we care for you. We also have been successful in enrolling them for pension and food security schemes.

Spreading the message of Communal Harmony

Our belief that we as Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs and Christians can live together, we make an effort to promote this secular value in our organization. We also spread this message among our people and do not discriminate at any level be it caste, class creed. Being a secular country wherein we have the freedom to practice our religion, we make it a point to celebrate the main festivals of each religion, thus working towards national integration. On the occasions of Dusshera and Id efforts have been made to organize inter religious prayer sessions. We pray that we will always be able to uphold this value. Our slogan is Hindu,Muslim, Sikh & Christians we are brothers.

On the occasion of Christmas and Easter the team members are invited to Dorothy's house and celebrate both these festivals. We dine together and also get gifts which is the true meaning of Christmas that we learn to share.

Night Out

In order to have a hands on experience what it means to be homeless and to live on roadsides, Aashray Abhiyan has a night out every fortnight from 9.00 - midnight and at times till 4.00 in the morning. During these times we encounter the violence being meted out to children,women due to alcohol, drugs like ganja, charas etc.

On the 16th April Aashray Abhiyan encountered a very dangerous incident, at Patna Junction on platform No. 4 children earn their livelihood by selling water in the bottles that are thrown out. Some youth who are involved in anti social activities wanted to abuse these children. Since the child refused to give in, the youth began to beat the child ruthlessly. Hearing their cry and plea for help Aashray team came to their rescue on learning what had happened. The youth began to threaten the team members however one of them slipped out and went to report to the G.R.P. then the G.R.P inspector came and arrested him and sent him to the jail. Because of this incident one thing came strongly across to the children, now we know whom to approach when they are harassed.

Natural Calamities

Bihar is such a Sate that every year it is hit by natural calamity. On one hand North Bihar is affected by flood and South Bihar is affected by drought. Today Bihar is separated from Jharkhand and all the resources of the forest and the minerals have gone to Jharkhand.

Aashray Abhiyan on its level tries to give relief to the flood affected areas like food grains, water and plastic for shelter. On the other hand we also give our suggestions to the government on the issues of flood, drought, earthquake.

Often we at Aashray Abhiyan have tried to draw the attention of the government to channelize the water from the North to the South. Unfortunately, the government has only made empty promises but has not done anything constructively to address the issue.

Break out of Fire

Aashray Abhiyan every year faces fire break outs in the slums and among the hutments. These situations are both frightening and dangerous. In the last 2 years there have been fire break outs in Adalatganj, Punai Chak, Strand Road, Nay Kottia. On these occasions we motivate civil society and try to organize cooked food as they lose everything and not even a single utensil is saved. We also inform the Block Officers and ensure that they get their due. Then according to the situation, we organize utensils, clothes etc.

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