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Violence against Women

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Something is radically wrong in our mindsets especially in some of the men. It all goes back to how we are taught to respect young girls when we are home and in school. The disrespect to women in on the increase it’s more of a sickness and some men think that they have right to abuse women and rape them. The growing crimes against women is disturbing, it seems some of the men have taken it upon themselves to abuse women. The question I like to ask – do these men not have mother, sisters, wives, aunts in their families. If they aspect them why not any other women.

Women area looked upon as a commodity, someone with whom they can play around and teach them a lesson. The rape of a veterinary doctor in Hyderabad has sent ripples in the country…not only in Hyderabad, it has happened in Patna. How can you love someone, abuse her and threaten her to make it viral. There’s no love there it’s just lust. It calls for education at home of good parenting of making a point and enough is enough…

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