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Demolition of R block to Digha Railway Line

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The communities living along the Railway line from R Block to Digha have been residing for decades. The land was obviously belonging to the Railway, then suddenly the local train that was incurring loss on the railway were ordered by the High Court of Patna to discontinue the train. That is very logical but what followed this is both unjust and inhuman.

The government of Bihar in order to cater to 3 to 10% of the population got this bright idea of converting the land into 6 lanes and make provisions for metro. Who needs this? There are some 600 or more families living along these tracks. Many were born there and many have gone to their Rest but what befell these communities on no other date than 9/11 ( the day the Twin Tower ) was attacked in the US, was disaster !!

The operation was to be undertaken on the 10, September but due to Bharat bandh the officials met at a five star hotel and decided to begin the operation on the 11, September. What we witnessed was big numbers of police force, seven JCB’s and any amount of lady police. There have been a violation of procedures and it has become a blatant disrespect of the land’s highest court decision – no demolition without rehabilitation.

After our demand to issue notices to those who were to be evicted, notices were furnished and the individuals were asked to appear in the office of the SDO and state their case. We prepared responses with the help of a lawyer and submitted the same to the SDO, who was not present to receive nor hear the grievances of the people. Procedure wise each person who responded to the notice should have been issued a response, nothing like this happened… the JCBs arrived on the 10th September accompanied with the administration, the police force and announcement that if anyone intervened they would be arrested….proving again that democracy is at stake!!

When the news began to appear in the local dailies we met with the administration and bring to their notice that people have to be relocated and proper rehabilitation plans have to be made. There was no hearing of this and the announcement was made that we do not need to rehabilitate these people. More than this the court has brought out orders that if anyone intervenes then they could be arrested and an FIR filed against them – Patna High Court CWJC No. 3923 of 201619) dt. 20.08.2018. The question is where democracy, no dissent, don’t speak on behalf of the people; don’t interfere in the plans of development of the government; don’t speak when development plans are anti people

So inhuman has become the Chief Justice of Patna and the administration that not only they are removing the so called encroachment, they have violated every rule and law of this country; they have disrobed human beings of their dignity and security. All of a sudden communities have to be sleeping in the open air, without the security of walls and bamboo and grass. I wonder, whether they are human not to hear the cries, the tears and the pain and anguish of the less privileged. Are our daughters not important, that their dignity is left open and they can be attacked at any time, ask the women... what about the education of our children, they work hard to send their children to school and now their books, their certificates and all that they hold precious is thrown open in the open air.

On the other hand what happens to children who stand and watch their homes being demolished? What memories will they carry?…what is their psychic ? Who becomes responsible for this?? Demolitions still continue and people live with insecurity and fear in their hearts. When will this madness stop, if at all it stops..

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