Power of the powerless and vioce of the Voiceless
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Calling you viewers to contribute generously. May be to help support a young woman to either add to her savings for a machine. To support with rent for a center. To provide a day's midday meal for 60 children or even less. Or whatever you can every mite counts. The Almighty will bless you and your family abundantly.

Empowered women creating their own space

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Today we talk about the role of women in society…often there is always a feel in the mindset about women, what can they do….yes it’s amazing what women are doing; how they are being put to the grind; who desire a better life for their children; who have become positive contributors to the economy of the family.

The hope and the belief is to awaken women to the dormant potentials within them; to offer opportunities; to journey with them; to encourage them to say “yes” , I can do it.

The young women who come from very humble backgrounds, whose parents maybe work as daily wage earners, have begun to make an effort to realize their dreams. We at AashrayAbhiyan, working with and in26 settlements of the Patna Municipal Corporation, conduct sewing skilled centers in 6 points namely Digha,Chitkohra, GaiGhat, TV Tower Bhoothnath Road, Sharishtabad, Islamganj. These young women are motivated to move out of the confines of their house and get acquainted with the outside world.

They spend two hours six days a week for near to 11 months, during which they learn to make small 54 small samples. These files become the future reference point for them to pursue their dream. After about 9 months they begin by stitching their own clothes; they gain confidence to measure, cut the material. There is a sense of pride once they tailor their own clothes and for their children.

All this is achieved after winning many battles. They have learnt the balancing art with studies, getting skilled and fulfilling their household chores. They have come a long way, they are determined and not prepared to give up.

Says Neha from Bhoothnath center along with her sister, they lost their father a month ago, who encouraged them to get skilled. She goes on to share that we will pursue the dreams of our father.

Ruhi says: when I first came to the center, I didn’t know whether I would complete the course. Today I stand empowered: “Phool nahi chingari hain, hum Bharat ki nari hain”..So they are that spark who are determined to set on fire, set ablaze their world.

At the very outside the young woman is encouraged to save in an earthen piggy bank, their savings. At the time of the examination they break open the piggy bank and its amazing to see their sense of pride when they can save some 3500/-…the rest we approach well wishers..friends and put in the balance amount. This year out of 100 women, 20 ofthem went home with certificate and a machine.

Some of them in the course of the training get a second hand machine. As they share their future plans, now I will open a little shop, will begin my own business.

Today our Chief Guest was Dr. Marie D’ Cruze, Vice Principal of St. Michael’s…addressing the young women she said: All of us have 24 hours, how we utilize our time is vital. Citing her own example, how after her marriage she pursued her studies and have reached heights…such women are inspiring and paving the way forward, encouraging other women to create their own space….

Thanking the Almighty for this opportunity, for being skilled, they are moving ahead holding their heads high

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