Power of the powerless and vioce of the Voiceless
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Calling you viewers to contribute generously. May be to help support a young woman to either add to her savings for a machine. To support with rent for a center. To provide a day's midday meal for 60 children or even less. Or whatever you can every mite counts. The Almighty will bless you and your family abundantly.

Feeding the Hungry

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When we lose someone very dear, we are always filled with remorse. As time passes by, we gradually come to terms with the harsh reality. Time they say is a great healer and so it is. Mrs. Martina lost her 30 year old son in a tragic road accident on the 3rd December 2019 in Ranchi. The entire family was broken hearted. On the 19th March was his birthday and how best did she choose to remember her son. She came forward to feed near to 75 poor children who come to our learning centers at Digha and Bazitpur. The family (husband, wife and younger son) were all busy in the kitchen preparing the lunch – hot puris, subzi, chutney, sweet, cake. First of all as Mr & Mrs Martina arrived, they were introduced to the children and were told the entire story. Though it was late, the children were waiting anxiously for the lunch packet. It was a delight to see them receive the food packet. They sat together and enjoyed the lunch and it was such a treat and they went home delighted with what they received.

We pray that God will welcome Sunny into His home and grant comfort and consolation to the family.

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