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Opposing eviction at Malaai Pakkdi

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The community at Malaai Pakkdi has been in constant threat and fear ever since the government of Bihar has decided to have the metro line go that way. There have been a number of interventions with none less than the Principal Secretary of the Urban Housing and urban development department. A group of representatives of the community presented their case on the 27, November 2020. In spite of all this and offering them a proposal to which the people agreed to, nothing has been done to give them any respite. The community has been residing there for the past more than 4 decades. They have made it habitable, now after 4 decades they are told to vacate the place.

On 21, June there were more than 100 police force deployed to demolish the homes of the community at Malaai Pakkdi. It looked as if there was some encounter taking place. Frantic calls to the Principal Secretary, the District Magistrate, the Divisional Commissioner but to no avail. I was more than disappointed, I tried meeting the Chief Secretary and he gave directions to rehabilitate the people as it was the moral responsibility of the Metro Project to undertake the responsibility of rehabilitation.

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