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In view of the invitation for four members of the organization being invited to Germany for the 2018 Lenten Campaign, we had guests visit us from Germany. Misereor team wished to have firsthand experience on our work and to visit the communities and interact with them.

It is our privilege and a joy to be honored by our guests. The welcome began at the airport when we presented them with bouquets. As we drove to the office the typical Indian aarti was performed as we moved upstairs for lunch and an exchange greetings and become familiarized with the team. Over lunch we gave a gist about the program that was planned for our guests.

Our communities were more than delighted to receive the guests. Our first slum was Gardanibagh No. 11 road, the people were assembled but due to the flight being delayed they had dispersed, this provided us with an opportunity to walk through the slum and give our guests an experience of the manner in which the community meet their basic needs of water, bathing, washing, worship and their houses. It was during this meeting that a young girl Lakshmi aged 10 spoke up and expressed her desire to become a banker. When we further interacted as to why she wished to become a banker, she said so that she’ll have enough money to help her parents and the people around. This response touched the guests and her story became so real and tangible.

Our next visit was at Sahgaadi Masjid, as we walked through the slum our guests stopped to take pictures. We went into the homes of some and they were able to see their kitchen and place where they freshen up. The images were quite disturbing and at the same time revealing. The openness of the people to welcome the guests warmly and permit them into their homes was very significant.

We came to the end of the slum where the community was gathered and there was a good sharing of their story. At the end of the sharing, we could see that there was a sense of satisfaction and our guests entertained the community with songs.

The next stop was behind Lalit Bhawan – Punai Chak, the community was eagerly waiting and it was growing dark yet with some kind of light the people were waiting and the listened eagerly to our guests. Some of the women from among the community shared their fear of insecurity and vulnerability. They live in very difficult situations and when they go to work there is always the uncertainty of what will happen to the children at home and so they were expressing the urgent need for housing. The children were the most delighted and wanted to play but due to the poor lighting, we had to just decide against it.

On our return to the office the Director shared with us the theme of the Lenten Veil: I am because you are … he further went to express that we area so interdependent on each other, Misereor needs you in as much as you need Misereor. It was a very healthy and true spirit of partnership that we came to understand each other.

At the end of their meeting we felt very indebted for the spirit that they brought along with them and for the experience we had as team. It was truly an enriching experience as we came face to face with a deep sense of respect and mutual give and take from Misereor Team.

With a deep sense of gratitude to God and to each other we returned backto our homes and our guests to their hotel.

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