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Visit of our Guests from Germany

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In view of the invitation for four members of the organization being invited to Germany for the 2018 Lenten Campaign, we had guests visit us from Germany. There were three different teams who arrived in March 2017, May 2017, 04 & 05th November, 2017 and January 24, 2018.

The purpose of the visit was to be familiarized with Patna and our work among the urban poor. So tangibly experience the empowering process among the construction workers, vendors and homeless communities. The stay was anything from two days to six days and it was quite hectic. The focus was to design the Lenten Campaign poster. Saraswati devi from Malai Pakkdi was the focus with her powerful manner of fearless speech, she left a mark on the guests. She shared her story where she is living in a very small hut and has to fend for her two young daughters who will soon have to be settled. For the administration her hut is a hut but for her it’s her Taj Mahal, where she finds rest at night and also security from all that makes life vulnerable.

Sandhya was the heroine of the comic that would appeal to the German children. Sandhya lives at Railway Crossing, Punai Chak and comes to the learning enter where she is gaining interest in her studies. She shared with our guests how her day looks like. Her family was also introduced to the entire team.

The beautician center and sewing center at Chitkohra were areas of interest for the guests and they met with the young women, interviewed them and shared some of their struggles, aspirations and dreams. It was heartening to listen to their heart throbbing stories. The team left with many impressions of the lives of the urban poor.

On the 04th & 05th November 2017, 16 guests from Germany arrived to spend three days in Patna. The ones who visited were the people whom we would visit on our mission to Germany. They were very interested in what they saw and visited most of the points where we are engaged. From construction workers to vendors to homeless communities, learning centers and skill training centers, they captured all in their cameras and their hearts. It was easy to relate to them and to get to know them a bit more. It was an enriching and exhaustive experience there was some bonding that took place among both groups.

On 24, January evening Johannes, the photographer with his companion arrived in Patna on the 24, January evening. We had dinner together and then we discussed the program for the next two days.

The shoot began early in the morning from the learning centers – Gayatri Mandir TV Tower Bhoothnath Road, Janta Flat, Gai Ghat and Punai Chak Railway Crossing. The enthusiasm of the children and the photographs were self explanatory.

We then moved to Digha sewing center, Chitkohra sewing center and beautician center. The work of the young women and their interview gave a glimpse into the wok of the organization in the area of economic empowerment of women. Some of the young women spoke about their dreams and how they desire to move on in life. This was important and also added some meaning to the journey of women.

At the end of the evening, tried and exhausted after having taken some very good shots the guests retired to their hotel.

The next morning the focus was at Sahgaadi Masjid a very important slum as it falls in Ward No. 9, in which the Chief Minister the Governor, Magistrates etc. reside. It is ironical that we could witness the two sides of a lopsided development. Across the road there is a park being designed and the community which has been residing for nearly 50 decades have not seen a bit of development, neither has there been any move on the part of the administration to provide basic amenities to the urban poor.

The contrast of the two places and the interview of Shrimati Rukmani devi said it all. She said that we are not against development but then why aren’t there any amenities being provided for us. She stated that for years she has been living in this particular place, initially it was not habitable; people have filled up the place and now that it is become habitable the price of the land has gone up and the government is claiming that the land belongs to them.

The struggle goes on…… yet we shall overcome….

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